JH Biostat Computing Club 2018-19

I and Guoqing Wang hosted the Department of Biostatistics students Computing Club in 2018-19 academic year.

  • Computing Club is one-hour session which gives students opportunities to share and develop computing skills useful for biostatisticians. It is held every other Tuesday 12:15-1:15 PM at JH SPH. Importantly, food 🍕🍌 is provided in every session!

  • Past and upcoming topics and locations for 2018-19 academic year are listed below.

Date (Location) Topic Presenter
Sep 18, 2018 (E9519) Data science project workflow (slides) Ben Ackerman
Oct 16, 2018 (W2029) The JHPCE Cluster: What does it do? Does it do things? Let’s find out! (cluster-example GitHub repo) Jacob Fiksel
Nov 13, 2018 (E9519) R Packages for the first year PhD curriculum (useful for non-phd students too!) Lacey Etzkorn
Nov 27, 2018 (W4030) Speeding up R with Rcpp (talk GitHub repo, talk slides) Stephen Cristiano
Jan 29, 2019 (W2029) Intro to Deep Learning (slides) Guoqing Wang
Feb 12, 2019 (E9519) Some topics seen at RStudio 2019 conference (slides) Marta Karas
Feb 26, 2019 (W2029) Blogdown tutorial: how to make your own personal academic website! (abstract and slides link) Ben Ackerman
Apr 16, 2019 (W4030) Computational and statistical methods in single-cell genomics (slides) Zhicheng (Jason) Ji
Apr 30, 2019 (W4030) Simulation studies on the cluster, and parallel computing in R with limited memory (slides) Lamar Hunt
Marta Karas
Marta Karas
Postdoctoral researcher