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. Adaptive empirical pattern transformation (ADEPT) with application to walking stride segmentation. Biostatistics, 2019.

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. Accelerometry Data in Health Research: Challenges and Opportunities. Review and Examples. Stat Biosci, 2018.

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. Connectivity-Informed Adaptive Regularization for Generalized Outcomes. 2018.


. Brain Connectivity Informed Regularization Methods for Regression. Stat Biosci, 2017.

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Precise walking strides segmentation from raw accelerometry data: ADEPT method
Mar 11, 2020 2:00 PM
Towards precise walking strides segmentation from accelerometry data in free-living: ADEPT method and further developments
Feb 25, 2020 2:15 AM

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To construct confidence interval for the mean, we often use quantiles of standardized sample mean distribution. Here, I include a list of cases where I’d use quantiles of t-distribution versus quantiles of normal distribution for that purpose.

Note: the below text could be directly translated to answer when to use t-test versus z-test in testing hypothesis about the mean parameter.


I spent the last days of 2018-19 winter break in Austin, TX where I traveled for RStudio 2019 conference. I attended e-poster session and two days of the conference: Jan 17-18. Below I list some of the topics from the talks that I particularly liked and I think I am likely to benefit from in the future. Also: The official repo with abstracts for every session, workshop (together with workshop files free to download for most if not all of them), and e-poster can be accessed here.


W 2015 roku zdobylam tytul Magister na kierunku Matematyka na Politechnice Wroclawskiej. W sierpniu 2016 rozpoczelam aplikacje na programy doktoranckie na kierunku Biostatystyka w Stanach Zjednoczonych rozpoczynajace sie jesienia 2017. Dostalam i zaakeptowalam oferte z Departamentu Biostatystyki na Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health w Baltimore (stan Maryland), oferujacego jeden z 3 najlepszych (ex aequo) programow na kierunku Biostatystyka w USA wg rankingu z 2018 roku. W notatce opisuje etapy rekrutacji i podaje swoje obserwacje i wskazowki.



Current academic year courses:

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2019-20 Term 1 140.651 Methods in Biostatistics I Lead TA (lab, office hours)
2019-20 Term 1 140.850 Special topics course: Biostatistical Methods for Wearable Computing Co-instructor

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